Dr David Head


Proceeding from a degree in mathematics and a PhD in statistical physics, I spent a nomadic ten years researching in physics laboratories in a range of global institutions before coming to School of Computing in the University of Leeds in 2011, where I am now undertaking research and lecturing duties.


  • UG final year project co-ordinator

Research interests

My broad research interests are in developing models for complex physical and bological systems, and where necessary, implementing efficient numerical solvers making optimal use of current and future computing architectures. Current interests include fibre networks (i.e. modelling the mechanical properties of disordered, percolating networks of fibrous materials, such as the cellular cytoskeleton, peptide gels and collagen scaffolds), and biofilms, where (in collaboration with the School of Dentistry) I am developing an in silico model for dental plaque to accelerate the translation of novel clinical products to the marketplace. Please see my web page for further details (although note it may not be up to date).


  • MA Hons
  • Part III Mathematics
  • PhD

Student education

I devise and deliver undergraduate courses covering high performance (eg. parallel) and scientific computing, and supervise PhD students.

Research groups and institutes

  • Applied Computing in Biology, Medicine and Health
  • Computational Science and Engineering

Postgraduate research opportunities

We welcome enquiries from motivated and qualified applicants from all around the world who are interested in PhD study.

Projects currently available: