Dr Gerard Duff


I am an enthusiastic, capable  and committed tutor, lecturer and aspiring academic with six years of teaching experience at the University of Leeds.

I have experience of designing, preparing and delivering lectures and seminars in the fields of product design  and management. I was recently part of a team that successfully launched and maintained a MOOC that engaged a variety of stakeholders from across the world.

I am capable of teaching multiple course in the semester: in the autumn semester of the academic year 2014, I lectured on both the Design Studio and Design communication. I designed and delivered a new prototyping module that improved on the strengths of previous course design negating highlighted weaknesses.  This was received very positively by both staff and students.

I am also research active and I am currently in the process of developing a series of collaborations with other interested parties in the areas of innovation, design and product development.


  • Product Design BSc
  • Masters by Research

Student education

I am in the final stages of a CASE Award PhD conducted in partnership with University of Leeds and the EPSRC.

The main concern of this research study is the formulation of strategy of the firm as it unfolds in real-time and in context. Strategy research and the practice of strategy still remains an area of strong debate and opposing opinion.

The interest in this problem area comes from an innate drive to understand how things are created, whether it is a technical product or a social process. This is highlighted in my back ground, with an undergraduate degree in product design and a research master in process engineering. Both of these degrees function in the cross roads of people and technology with a high degree of uncertainty.

Previous I was a KTP associate. Within this role, I was a product development coordinator for a Small to Medium sized Enterprise (SME) based in the North East. My duties included the development of a range of PPE products as well as design processes for future product development. This not only involved the technical aspects of developing a product, but also managerial issues such as training and development of staff and the development of a culture that was willing to partake innovation.

While undertaking this post I took part in a Diploma in Business Management (completed) and an MSc by research (part time-long distance, completed) focusing on the implementation of a customized design process for a specific SME. This MSc consisted of the compartmentalization of the Quality Functional Deployment (QFD) process so that an SME, with limited resources, could utilize specific ‘rooms’ of the process that were seen as a means to improve on existing weaknesses highlighted in current R&D practices.

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Design, Robotics and Optimisation