Dr Katy Roelich


BSc (Hons) Chemistry, University of Durham (1997)

MSc (Distn) Environmental Engineering, Newcastle University (1998)

Research interests

Research activities centre around the interaction between engineering, the environment and society, including resilience of infrastructure transitions to resource scarcities and the role of infrastructure in shaping resource consumption and behaviour. Current research projects include:

Undermining Infrastructure: EPSRC funded project using an enhanced method of stocks and flows analysis to understand the reliance of future technologies and infrastructure renewal on critical materials and how we can develop infratructure that is more resilient to this scarcity.

Land of the MUSCos: EPSRC funded project developing a new business model of multi-utility service provision to integrate end users and reduce resource consumption.

UK Energy Research Centre: Funded under UKERC's Energy and Environment theme understanding embedded emissions in goods and services and how policy and infrastructure can reduce consumption-related emissions.

Equitable Allocation of Critical Metals for Low Carbon Energy: PhD research into alternative approaches to allocation of critical metals that support universal access to sustainable energy services.

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Resilient Infrastructure