Dr Bill Nimmo


Dr Bill Nimmo has been working in the area of energy, combustion and gasification and pollution control research for over 30 years in industry and academia. He has interests that range from coal combustion to anaerobic digestion and materials synthesis. The utilisation of biomass for power generation has featured recently as a topic of research for his research students in the laboratory with thermal analysis studies and at a larger scale with pilot plant combustion testing. He has a keen interest in working with industrial partners to tackle real problems affecting the way we use fuels and energy with a minimum of pollution being generated. Involvement in CCS for clean power generation from fossil fuels including oxy-fuel combustion is a natural progression in research terms. But early interest could be traced back to oxy-fluidised bed coal combustion as a young research assistant in the early 80’s at Leeds.

Research interests

  • Clean Coal Technology
  • Oxy-fuel
  • Emissions Control
  • Thermal Processes for Ceramic Materials Production
  • Anaerobic Digestion and System Integration/Control

Research groups and institutes

  • Clean Combustion
  • Low Carbon Energy