Dr Antonios Anastasiou


Dr. Antonios Anastasiou started his research career as associate researcher in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) in year 2008 when he graduated as Chemical Engineer. In 2009 after completing his military service, he started his PhD in the field of microfluidics. His thesis entitled "Study of the flow characteristics in open inclined microchannels" has been conducted in Chemical Engineering Department of AUTH and was conpleted by December 2013. In January of 2014 he was appointed as research fellow in University of Leeds and he started working in the fields of biomaterials, materials characterization and LASER-matter interaction under the supervision of Prof. Animesh Jha. In February 2015 he was awarded with a Marie Curie individual Fellowship (PRe-FActo) for the investigation of periodontal treatment with the use of femtosecond LASERS.

Research interests

  • Development and characterisaiton of microfluidic devices
  • Synthesis and characterisation of calcium phosphate biomaterials
  • Procedures for restoration of hard-soft tissue interfaces
  • Development of medical devices