Dr John (Ioannis) Hahladakis (Chachladakis)


Dr. John (Ioannis) N. Hahladakis (Chachladakis) is a Chemical Engineer and member of Technical Chamber of Greece. He was born in Athens and graduated from Chemical Engineering Department of University of Patras. He has obtained two M.Scs. and a Ph.D. in "Geotechnology and Environment", in "Quality Control and Environmental Management" and in "Environmental and Sanitary Engineering", respectively, from Technical University of Crete (TUC).

During his period as a student, he was honored multiple times with various scholarships. He worked 4 years as a full time Researcher at the Laboratory of Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management, at School of Environmental Engineering (TUC) and as a Teaching Assistant at all levels (under- and post-graduate). He has more than 14 years of experience in various research fields and has co-supervised more than 12 undergraduate and postgraduate students' theses.

He is currently a Research Fellow at the iRI (Institute for Resilient Infrastructure), of School of Civil Engineering, at University of Leeds. He has participated in respective Research Programs, International Conferences and has published various articles in International Scientific Journals. Finally, his academic skills include also membership in the organizing committee of CRETE International Conference Series, editing and submission of scientific proposals to attract external funding (EU and national projects), participation in Workshops and Seminars, R&D reports, etc.


  • Teaching Assistant, under-post graduate co-supervision
  • Research Fellow

Research interests

He specializes in the remediation of soils, sediments and wastewaters contaminated with toxic metals and PAHs by the use of electrokinetic techniques. His interests span, also, the width of Qualitative and Quantitative Toxicity Characterization of WEEE, recovery of valuable materials from it (e.g. metals, metalloids), material flow analysis of plastic waste and their additives, as well as studies of Environmental Risk Assessment in Aquatic and Marine Ecosystems.

Professional memberships

  • Technical Chamber of Greece
  • Panhellenic Association of Chemical Engineers

Research groups and institutes

  • Waste Management and Resource Recovery
  • Cities and Infrastructure
  • Water, Public Health and Environmental Engineering