Dr Isolde Adler


Before joining the University of Leeds in 2016 she was a Junior Professor at Goethe University Frankfurt (2009-2016), a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bergen in Norway (2008/09) and at Humboldt University of Berlin (2006-2008), and a visiting professor at Humboldt University of Berlin (2008). She obtained her PhD from Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg in 2006.

Research interests

Both Graph Theory and Logic in Computer Science form the basis of her research interests. She is fascinated by the interplay between the combinatorial structure of graphs and discrete models on the one hand, and their algorithmic properties on the other hand. Furthermore, she likes the challenge of problems that are computationally hard but nevertheless have to be solved in practice. While based in Theory, she also enjoys bridging the gap to practical applications in different fields.

Her research revolves around

  • The Structure of Graphs and Hypergraphs
  • Logic and Model Theory
  • Algorithms and (Parameterised) Complexity
  • Algorithmic Meta-Theorems
  • Database Theory
  • Model Checking
  • Combinatorial Games
  • Property Testing

Research groups and institutes

  • Algorithms and Complexity