David McKee


I am a Research Fellow in the Disstributed Systems and Services research group with a specialisation in real-time systems, service-orientation, and simulation. I am responsible for managing our contributions to the Programme for Simulation Innovation (PSi) with Jaguar Land Rover and EPSRC as well as several other partners within the University of Leeds and at other institutions. My focus within the group is on formal methods and mathematical techniques, systems architectures, and ensuring successful and expedient impact whether through publication, commercialisation, or other exploitation routes as well as teaching activities on across various undergradaute postgraduate modules.

Before joing the University of Leeds I studied at the Universiyt of York with a MEng in Computer Systems and Software Engineering. Additionally I have been involved in several companies, including: Yatterbox, The Market Mogul, StormP, York Community Consulting, BAE Systems Detica (Applied Intelligence), in various roles from technical through business advisory, and am currently the acting CEO & CTO at Slingshot Simulations.

Research interests

My research interests are focussed under the specific domain of: Internet of Simulation (IoS) which we are developing at Leeds as a specialisation of IoT for Industry 4.0. My focus in IoS is on general distributed systems techniques, Cloud computing, Service-Orientation as the backbone  wtih Simulation and Workflow-as-a-Service. My specialism is real-time requirements and QoS enabling us to provide essential guarantees and performance for systems and simulations in IoS, IoT, and Smart Cities.

Research groups and institutes

  • Distributed Systems and Services