Dr Des McLernon


Des McLernon  received his B.Sc in electronic and electrical engineering and his MSc in electronics, both from the Queen’s University of Belfast, N. Ireland. He then worked on radar systems research and development with Ferranti Ltd in Edinburgh, Scotland and later joined Imperial College, University of London, where he took his PhD in signal processing. His research interests are broadly within the domain of signal processing for wireless communications (in which area he has published over 305 journal and conference papers). He has supervised over 40 PhD students and is associate editor of IET journal “Signal Processing”.  Finally, recent conference organisation includes IEEE SPAWC 2010, European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO) 2013, IET Conference on Intelligent Signal Processing (London, 2013/2015/2017) and IEEE Globecom 2014/2015/2016 (Workshop on Trusted Communications with Physical Layer Security).

Research interests

His current research projects include PHY layer security, M2M comms/caching in hetereogeneous networks, energy harvesting for comms, robotic communications, SDNs, distributed sensing, stochastic geometry, multi-packet reception, through the wall radar, drone small-cell comms and spectrum sensing for cognitive radio. Finally, he plays jazz piano (with a singer in bars/restaurants) in what spare time remains.


  • BSc/MSc (Queen's University Belfast, N. Ireland)
  • PhD/DIC (Imperial College, London)

Research groups and institutes

  • Robotics at Leeds
  • Institute of Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Sensing