Oliver Peel

After several years in employment I decided to follow my passion for Electronic Engineering and was fortunate to be awarded an unconditional offer as a mature student by Leeds University. I chose Leeds as it had an undisputed reputation for the course I wanted to apply for, Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Leeds is number 1 in the UK for research.

There have been many highlights throughout my degree but one of the most exciting things I have undertaken was in my third year group project module. My team designed a high-tech 3D persistence of vision globe which made it onto the discovery channel website, the mythbusters tv programme and was also tweeted by Dara O’Brien!

Last summer I was offered a summer internship working along side PhD students in my department, and researchers in the field of Terahertz, specifically Time Domain Spectroscopy. I gained hands on experience using the Broadband and Narrowband systems to analyse the absorption spectrums of amino acids and toxic substances. I also work with one of my lecturers in the labs enjoying passing on my experience and knowledge to the upcoming students. This internship has given me Real insight into the cutting edge of research. It’s opened my mind to the possibility of staying on and investing 3-4 years as a PhD student.

Leeds is a fantastic place to live and learn. It has an excellent night life, plenty of culture to dig your teeth into and of course the German Christmas market! It’s easy to get around, and the Headingly area has a great student community. When I’m not studying, I am part of the Leeds Thai Boxing Club and also use the Gym, which is situated on campus. I also enjoy home brewing, and have just been awarded an Enterprise Scholarship to invest in building a micro brewery.