Stephen Agyeman-Kuma

My placement provider, Siemens Rail-IT, is a major provider of control and information systems for the UK rail industry. These systems enable rail operators to remotely monitor and control the condition of railway track infrastructure from traction poSiemens Rail-ITwer equipment to CCTV cameras using digital communication technologies. I joined the company as an undergraduate engineer responsible, as part of a team, for designing, testing, installing these systems.

There is no typical day per say as the type of work I get involved in depends on the project’s life cycle. For example, I was involved in the design stage for the £36 million Crossrail control and monitoring system for about three months assisting other engineers in producing the necessary system architecture drawings. I have also been involved in later stages of the project cycle such as in testing and installation. In these months, I was predominantly travelling to various client sites from Edinburgh to Brighton doing installation and maintenance works.

The principal reason I have enjoyed my placement has been my involvement in a wide range of engineering activities from design to installation. This has really helped me identify where I would like to specialise in the future as an electronic engineer.

I would encourage students to consider undertaking a year in industry because apart from it enhancing your CV, you would also learn more about your professional capabilities in terms of clarifying where in your field you enjoy the most and would like to work in post-graduation.