Oscar O’Dwyer Lancaster-Jones

Why did you choose to undertake a PhD at the University of Leeds?

The research in medical engineering in Leeds stands out when compared to other places, the management and protocols for the testing laboratories is of professional quality. These with along with a successful team offered a great opportunity for my personal development in the field of research.

Tell us about your research

The research involves understanding the effect of variations in surgical positioning of total hip joint replacements on their functional performance and their effect on the wear. It looks at the effect of variability in the surgical delivery, and developing testing methodologies for the improvement of hip joint replacements.

What is your favourite part of doing your research at Leeds?

To be able to be part of a large community of researchers where I can learn about other topics.  

What activities do you take part in outside of your research studies?

Part of my activities include fitness which vary from athletics to Irish sports.

What are your ambitions for the future?

To be member of the medical engineering community who influences in the development of products to aid in the wellbeing of patients.

Do you have any advice to anyone considering coming to Leeds?

If you are unfamiliar with the city and area, take the time to explore it as it has a large range for entertainment, and you can always find something new to do.